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LARISA RESORT, P.O Haripur, Naggar- Manali Road, Distt Kullu

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The district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is often referred to as Devbhoomi, or the land of the gods. One look around here and youÂ?ll know why. It is blessed with the majesty of the mountains, and as you approach the Beas, a tributary of the Indus, its roar fills your ears and its thump echoes in your heart. The whistling of the thrush sounds like a hymn, and the leaves in the forests seem to be murmuring prayers.

It is in this magical location that LaRiSa, the boutique resort, arose. The name is inspired from the local language of Lahul. La signifies that which is above, Ri, the mountains, and Sa means the earth. And everything atLaRiSa, high in the mountains, feels like itÂ?s come from the earth, just like its name. Orchards stretch out in seemingly endless waves of apple trees. Cottages of stone and wood blend seamlessly into the landscape. And a bounty of flowers, vegetables, beans and herbs grow in the garden beyond.

Everything feels blessed, as the songs of birds and crickets harmonize. And this hallowed retreat, in the middle of nowhere, seems the perfect place to find yourself.

PREMIER LUXURY SUITES: Every place tells a story and the four Premier Luxury Suites at LaRiSa tell a tale of leisure and discovery. In every room, there seems to be something to marvel at. The glowing, walnut wood of the desk beckons you to pick up a pen and find the poet in you. The balcony invites you to stretch out on the recliner and cast your gaze towards the misty mountains on one side, and the verdant orchards and swimming pool on the other. And the glass walls surrounding the Jacuzzi ensure that you have Nature within your sight, even while lingering in its gurgling waters.

DELUXE ROOMS: Our ten Deluxe Rooms, with their private gardens, are large and airy but a rustic stone fireplace lends a certain cosiness to each room. Wide windows, looking out to the mountains beyond the resort, let in the wintry sunshine and the smell of apple trees. The roughness of the stone walls contrasts charmingly with the polished warmth of the walnut wood furniture. And the snowy white curtains lend a fairy quality to the room. You may not have romance in mind when you walk in but somehow, when youÂ?re reading curled up by the fireplace, or having a quiet drink on the balcony, itÂ?ll find you. And it wonÂ?t let go.

CLASSIC ROOMS: Warm wooden floors, wide French windows and the promise of lasting memories- the eight Classic Rooms at LaRiSa are the perfect setting for romance. You can gaze out at the mountains and weave dreams of forever on the balcony in your room. Or enjoy the dance of the flames in the charming stone fireplace. However you spend your time within, you wonÂ?t be forgetting it in a hurry.

RESTAURANT: The mountain air builds up an appetite and the restaurant at this boutique resort offers a variety of food to satiate it. There is local Kullu cuisine, full of energy, barley and maize. It tastes like Tibet, Punjab and Europe, all at the same time and fires you up on cold, windy days. Authentic Kullu food is a treat that is hard to find anywhere else so youÂ?ll want to stock up while youÂ?re here. Continental food like pasta, pizza and other dishes that were adopted along with European settlers have also been put on the menu (and our chefÂ?s fingertips). Such meals would be a pleasure to consume anywhere, but when they are served in a setting so spectacularÂ? The tables by the pool afford a rippling view of the mountains and orchards, and youÂ?d be lost in natureÂ?s wonders, if it wasnÂ?t for the smells coming from the barbeque. Every sizzle on the grill makes your mouth water in anticipation, and even a minuteÂ?s wait seems like a lifetime. ItÂ?s almost enough to make you want to sit at the cosier tables inside, where you can savour the views without the temptation.

BAR: Kullu is known for its tea preparations but cold, Himalayan winds often demand something more potent. And there is no better place to seek it than the charming, white-brick bar at LaRiSa. With walls lined with warm teakwood panels, and plush, velvety armchairs by the window, walking in is like walking back in time. Hot Toddies and Whisky Sours are served alongside Cosmopolitans. And many a glass is raised to the beauty of the Himalayas, the delights of Nature and the cathartic embrace of a warming drink on a cold day.

RECREATION: The intimacy of a boutique hotel promises peace, which LaRiSa delivers beautifully. Nestled in the inviting lap of the mountains in Kullu-Manali, passing time is never a concern here. Many happy hours can be spent star-gazing and admiring the rainbow of colours around, and many happier ones trying to capture them on canvas. When youÂ?re done with your painting, you may want to join the symphony of the wind and the birds with the musical instruments in the recreation room. Or maybe just take a cycle and ride along the meadows, chasing butterflies. LaRiSa also has many excellent spots to curl up and read, so weÂ?ve put together a library to match. WeÂ?ve got a mixed bag of books thatÂ?ll go wonderfully with cups of hot chocolate and freshly brewed tea. As will the collection of films lined up in the mini-theatre. There are enough titles to make you wish you were staying forever. Just like the kids, whoÂ?ll probably only leave the playroom under the spell of the mountains, where they can plant a tree to call their own, and visit it as it grows.

EXPERIENCES TO REMEMBER: Orchard Tour, Gardening, Barbeque, Private Dining

AROUND LARISA: Over three hundred deities are given credit for the beauty that abounds in the region, and all of them rise at Dussehra to pay homage to Lord Raghunath, the one who rules them all. Come Dussehra, Kullu is transformed by the week-long festivities, and travellers come from around the world to be a part of the experience. For the rest of the year, spiritual succour can be found in the beautiful temples and monasteries that abound in the region, with architectural quirks and picturesque settings to admire. The Himalayas are home and inspiration for many artists. One such artist was Russian painter Nicholas Roerich, whose works can be seen in New York, St. Petersburg, and the neighbouring town of Naggar, here in Kullu. He lived and painted the Himalayas in a lovely villa here, and now it serves as a museum for his art. When youÂ?re done admiring his masterpieces, you can pick some up for yourself. The brightly-coloured Pulla slippers and Kullu caps make great souvenirs. You can find them in the many stalls lining the highways, where you can also find the famous, kaleidoscopic Kullu shawls, woven with classic merino wool and soft and luxurious angora. Besides sight-seeing, there is a lot you can do in the region. You can go trekking, skiing and paragliding over the slopes, and go fishing, rafting, and kayaking in the rivers. The more adventurous at heart can go camping and rock-climbing, and enjoy the glory of the Himalayan mountains while hanging off them.

Facilities :

1 children's pool, ATM/banking, Audio visual equipment, Bar, Bar/lounge, Barbecue grill(s), BBQ Facilities, Bicycles on Hire, Bonfire, Children's club (free), Children's Playground, Cold plunge pool, Extra Bed (On Request), Free Wi-Fi, Kids Pool, Laundry Service (At a charge), Newspaper, Picnic area, Restaurant, Room Service, Room Service 7am-11:30pm, Swimming pool

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