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Kumarakom, nestled on the banks of the Vembanad Lake in Kerala, is a serene and picturesque village celebrated for its verdant backwaters. This tranquil spot is a cluster of little islands, each offering a slice of heaven with its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. The region is famous for its bird sanctuary, which spans across 14 acres and serves as a haven for a multitude of migratory birds such as Siberian storks, egrets, darters, herons, and teals. The life in Kumarakom moves at a gentle pace with the quietude only occasionally broken by the chirping of birds or the ripple of oars as boats slice through the water. Traditional kettuvallams (houseboats) and canoes provide a unique way to explore the intricate network of waterways. The local cuisine, infused with the flavors of coconut and spices, offers a delightful culinary experience. The harmonious coexistence of tradition and nature makes Kumarakom a coveted destination for tourists seeking solace and a touch of the unspoiled.
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